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Spice Packs

Spice Packs

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*Each selection contains four 1oz individually sealed packages.


Bar-B-Que Shake

This special designed combination of spice will enhance the flavors of your meat without using msg.  It’s our original spice that we used for catering and started the spice business.  The combination is fantastic on beef, chicken, pork and even grilled vegetables, roasted potatoes and corn on the cob.  It too has been a staple of our catering business and we have had years of happy eaters when we use this product.

Prime Rib Rub

We would like to welcome one of our new products to our company.  This bold blend of spices, herbs and dried vegetables come together in a powerful flavor.  This is originally created for prime rib but please, don't stop there.  It enhances the flavor of all red meats from steaks, roasts, tri-tip and even hamburgers.

Santa Maria Spice

Looking for a great spice for grilled vegetables, chicken or fish?  We have designed a light decadent spice that can be uses as a flavor enhancement for many dishes not just for meat.  Great for Italian dishes, homemade pizza and even salad dressing.  It is full of a vast amount of different spices then when they are combined will bring out the deep rich flavors of whatever you use it on.

Taco Seasoning

Some of our very first days of cooking included doing chili cook-offs.  This combination of chili powders, garlic, onion, pepper and paprika was always our start up flavoring when we made our chili.  This will create a great flavor base, then it is up to you to add as much heat as you like to your pot of chili.  Then we found that it also has the perfect spice combination for making homemade tacos.  It's great on carne asada tacos, shredded chicken tacos or pork carnitas tacos.  Let this blend become your go to spice for Taco Tuesday.

Variety Pack

The variety pack consists of four packets; One of each spice listed above: one Bar-B-Que Shake, one Prime Rib Rub, one Santa Maria Spice, and one Taco Seasoning.


*Each selection contains four 1oz individually sealed packages.
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